This is the mainpage of my personal site. It has been up for a very long time, and it's time for a change.

I have journal entries that haven't been entered here for display, new topics of discusssion, and—most of all—I want to do a new design.

Consequently, I'm taking all this down for the time being.

This may break some links, but I have no delusions about there being lots of people looking at my site. Since there's very little actual information here, I will apologize and let it go at that.

Also, I'm making no promises about when I'll get the new site up. I have a few projects with much higher priorities. Thank you for your patience.

A Note Regarding Spam Email

If you came here to see wth was up with some spam you got, I just want to inform you that it did not come from me. It did not come from a computer I have access to, nor did it come from a person with whom I am affiliated. It is beyond my control.

You may ask, "How can this be? How can someone send email from your domain, your private fiefdom, without your knkowledge and consent?"

This, unfortunately, is they way of the internet. Email could be from anyone, and there's very little way to verify who it actually is from. As a friend of mine demonstrated once, you can easily send a superficially believable email from saying anything you want to say.